I have had the pleasure to assist in a number of virtual academic conferences.

The Intermedial Eighteenth Century: Textual and Visual Arts, 1660-1832

(September 2020)

This AHRC-funded conference explored intersections between literary and visual culture of the long eighteenth-century. Recent scholarship has started to point to the distinctively ‘intermedial’ nature of Art, Architecture and Design at the turn of the eighteenth century, as “objects and environments… brought a variety of materials into intimate contact, or fused them together entirely” (Mark Hallett, 2016). This conference considered how the intermedial nature of the visual Arts incorporated a notable engagement with the textual realm, and looked afresh at works, practitioners and spaces (often aligned with a single discipline) by exploring their multi-media associations. To achieve this, the conference examined the ways in which different spaces, practices and individuals within the textual and visual Arts came to influence one another, creating dialogues and exchanges crucial to the works that emerged.

The conference was free of charge and was available online between Monday 14th and Friday 18th September 2020, with live interactions on the 16th and 17th September.

The conference was organised by Dr. Claudine van Hensbergen as part of her AHRC Leadership Award for the project Learning through the Art Gallery: Art, Literature and Disciplinarity (2019-2021), with technical assistance from Adam Curry. The AHRC project is run in partnership with The Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and The Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead. The conference was run in conjunction with the Eighteenth-Century Literature & Visual Culture Research Network.


(April 2021)

The International John Bunyan Society welcomes you to the Glorious Sounds: Exploring the Soundscapes of British Nonconformity: 1550-1800 – a virtual conference hosted by Northumbria University, Newcastle and organised in association with the University of Bedfordshire, Keele University, Loughborough University and the University of Warwick.

‘Covenanters in a Glen‘ by Alexander Carse, The University of Edinburgh, Fine Art Collection 

This major two day multi-disciplinary conference seeks to explore the various ways that sound impacted the lives and writings of early modern Nonconformists and, in turn, their spiritual practices.

This event features notable academics and practitioners: Vera J. Camden, John Craig, Robert W. Daniel, Mary Fairclough, Eleanor Hedger, Rosamund Oates, Rosamund Paice and Matthew Stanton.

A Sacred Covenant? Historic, Legal and Cultural Perspectives on the Development of Marital Law

(May 2021)

This Journal of Legal History and Northumbria University funded one-day virtual conference seeks to explore the changing legal and cultural definitions of marriage across geographical locations or jurisdiction from the period c.1450 to present day, paying particular attention to the changing perspectives on age, same-sex marriage, polygamy, divorce, and remarriage. This conference will create an exciting space where historical, literary, medical, artistic, and cultural perspectives can be considered alongside real-world experiences, allowing the discovery and exploration of parallels and contrasts across borders and time.

This event features a keynote speaker: The Rt Hon. the Baroness Hale of Richmond DBE, alongside notable academics and practitioners such as: Prof. Rebecca Probert, Prof. Diane Urquhart, Penelope Russell, Dr Frances Burton, Dr Andy Hayward, and Dr Leigh Wetherall-Dickson.

Stories from the Margins: Indigenous Connections to the Land

(June 2021)

Online Conference supported by the Department of Humanities, University of Northumbria