Undergraduate Dissertation

The Arthurian Reformation: The Changing Image of the Arthurian Legend During the English Reformation (Newcastle: The University of Northumbria at Newcastle, 2019)

Masters Dissertation

Reforging Arthur’s Briton: The Employment of Arthurian Imagery in Remaking an Imperial Britain 1360-1612

PHD Proposal

An Icon of British Imperialism : King Arthur in Tudor England

Published Work


‘Living With Autism’, The Edge, Spring/ Summer 2017.

My Research Interests

The Arthurian Legend During the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period. 

The War of the Roses

Impact of mythology on Middle Ages and Early Modern period

The representation of Richard III

Arthur Plantagenet, 1st Viscount of Lisle

The Representation of the Middle Ages in Modern Culture

The Portrayal of Medieval Princes Versus Reality

Henry VII: Building a Dynasty

The Significance of Emblems During the War of the Roses

Richard Neville: the Kingmaker

The Arthurian Legend

European Concepts of Chivalry

The Perception of Scotland in England During the Middle Ages

The Dynastic Crisis’ of Medieval England

Shakespeare’s Plantagenet’s

Medieval and Early Modern Period on Film